Keeping Up With The Kardashians… Oops I Mean Society

epic selfie via @raskalov
epic selfie via @raskalov

Honestly, I don’t think Instagram will be around in 10 years. Think about it, Myspace was short lived and Facebook use is declining. It’s a trend already in social platforms short lifespan. These platforms short lifespans almost reflect the attitudes of society today. People want new new new!!! That dress I bought last week, I’m already over that and want something different already. C’mon it’s the 21st Century and people are acting surprised about short lived phenomena, I mean we are the Why Not (Now) Generation.

Henry Jenkins (2004) talks about major trends and changes in technology, and since that was written in 2004, we can discover how in 10 years technology has changed. It is interesting to think what another 10 years will do to technology. He talks about what we will do with technology content, the change from analog to digital and its affects on cost, higher ownership rates, user generated content and new forms of community knowledge and habits. I think Instagram understands this concept of changing society. They understand that we are always on the move. The ability for us to snap and share is what makes this app so successful. The fast pace of society mean less time for everything basically, if only there were more hours in the day. Having less time means being in a sense less disconnected which Instagram too understands. It understands that we want to follow and unfollow who we please, comment on what we like and post what we like without taking a second thought. Check out VS model Cara Delevingne and her fearlessness towards IG posting. My ideologies about Instagram though may be different to say someone thats older a.k.a my dad. Older generations seem to not understand the impact that social media has on society. It changes the way we live. TV programs such as The Block (2003) use Twitter and Instagram. It’s a way of exposing their brand and in a way keeping up with the times. With Instagram, news travels quick. You can find out what fashion will be in next season as soon as it’s seen on the runway all the way in Paris. I think it’s fascinating but I guess dad just doesn’t understand.



Jenkin, H 2004, The Cultural Logic of Convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol 7, p. 33-43

The Block 2003, television program, Nine Network, Australia, 1st June 2003

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