Hey You, Welcome

I don’t think there would be a time where you would catch me without a phone in my hand or clicking away at keyboard. The reason why? Instagram. I guess you could call me an Instaholic. Remember that time Instagram shut down for the day? Worst day of my life.


Sometimes I wonder why I’m so addicted. Scrolling through the people I follow, it all makes sense. All these people I follow are either models, farshuuun folk or dogs. Like my Instagram bio says “music, models and dogs”, those are the things I regularly post about. The thing about fashion is once something is created it’s already old. Maybe that’s my obsession with The Gram.


I use Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the new. You see everything first, from campaigns to fashion week. A week late on seeing the latest Alexander Wang campaign? Already old. My job required me to be in on the know at all times, and I enjoyed it plus considering I am an Instagram super stalker, I was good at it. This only made me more addicted.

It’s not only social media I am obsessed with but TV also. Completely hooked. Most people are shocked when I tell them I have Foxtel in my room. Seriously why wouldn’t you. Not only Foxtel but Foxtel GO is a must so I can watch The Real Housewives whenever I like on my laptop and also Netflix. Whilst I am extremely invested in the argument between Betheny and Heather on NYC Housewives, I have my Facebook tab open so I can share to my friends all the burns from the argument (I don’t really post  because I would be a pest, but you know I need to make this blog sound good).

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.54.16 am

From laptop to mobile, from outer space to my bedroom, hopefully my blog reaches every corner of the BCM240 media space (highly unlikely).

2 thoughts on “Hey You, Welcome

  1. What job? Just out of curiosity.

    Also, do you know much about the corporate/company history of Instagram? When I see a platform like this become indispensable to professional users, I think: wait, where’s the money? Where is this company headquartered? Who owns it? Who works there? This is the big picture of media space: the flows of venture capital, employment, and profit that make our global media networks possible, despite being free to play for so many users.

    1. I was a model agent. I helped out with a lot of social media talent.
      I don’t know too much about the company, just the obvious that Facebook bought it. I do also wonder about the needs of Instagram employees and what they do. Considering it is a free app there doesn’t require so much “selling” of a product. In terms of users of Instagram who earn money through it, it is a very clever business. I wonder what will happen though when people get over Instagram. What jobs will those people have?

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