Research Project Plan

Trying to get a grasp of what the spatial nature of media practices and audiences is, kind of made my head spin a little. When first thinking of what I could talk about for this topic, I guess you could say I was heading for the easy route and thought of topics that we have already discussed throughout the semester. But, last week I was watching the Balmain x HM show via Periscope all the way from New York when I was sitting in my bed and then it dawned on me, why not write something that is completely retable to myself. I came up with the idea of how social media (Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat) changes the way we view fashion and where we view it, and how it creates the effect of wanting everything as we see it. It still baffles me how I am able to be sitting here in my room in Yarrawarrah yet still be watching fashions shows happening at the same time in Paris. I really believe it has changed the way the whole fashion industry has worked, from buyers to stylists to websites having to keep up with the quick pace of social media, and this is how social media is spatial in nature as it is changing aspects of the fashion industry all over the world.

The aim for the next few days of research is to first collect and collate all of my information. These will be my secondary sources from academic works and also personal online articles from fashion and social media experts. I also want to conduct primary research by interviewing my friend who I know is extremely interested in social media and fashion.

If anyone has any thoughts or idea that they could contribute, please comment on this post. It would be great to have more than one opinion on this topic as well as from people who may not be interested in fashion but can see the effects that social media affects how we communicate in a whole.

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