Lets Rewind

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Children in the media can be a bit of a touchy subject for some. I feel as though parents would be the most concerned. Stories about children in the media do not necessarily have to relate to the sexualisation of children, which creates the most concern, but can relate to children and body image or children and food. It is not just the media that should be more careful about what they say but the parents. I feel as though parents who watch the News or A Current Affair programs are brainwashed that everything is bad for their child. Looking at McKee’s (2005) themes of the public sphere you notice how most of these News programs instill fear into the public by the use of spectacles through their over exaggerated headlines such as those on 7 News. As these kids grow up their appearance is what they will be most worried about. If they are told that “that dress is too short and tight” or “these clothes don’t flatter this shape” girls in particular are going to grow up with serious body image issues. Our parents grew up in the 70’s and they were probably the most wild and free spirited generation yet they like to wrap their kids up in cotton wool. Something bad must’ve happened to them in their teens that they’re not telling us.

Children are very impressionable so everything they do or hear will impact them in someway. A positive impact in this day and age may be that children are taught via kids TV shows and at school is that a healthy diet and exercise are very important! Having been taught this from a young age allows kids to understand the negative and harsh impacts of junk food. I think people do not realise this good change because they still are in a moral panic (Cohen 1987) of television making our children fat and don’t look at the initiatives that are actually in place (Cancer Council 2013).

I have quite enjoyed writing my blog posts for the past few weeks. I loved researching the topic of semiotics and liked to see how every ones opinions and ideologies were varied. This last topic of “Children in the Media” I quite enjoyed too, especially our tutorial (Middlemost 2014) about the young model Thylane Blondeau. As I know lots about fashion and models I found that my opinion on her Paris Vogue story in 2011 differed to others as I was not as shocked by the case in which a young child was dressing as an adult. I enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and getting to see a glimpse into their minds and seeing how some differed from my own opinions. One topic I did find the most baffling though was the topic of “Who Runs The Media”. I think this is because there are just so many owners of news stations and newspapers and so many different owners within each company that it got a bit confusing. I didn’t find that topic to be as interesting as the rest because of that reason. I did try to gain a further understanding of the topic when I was studying so I wouldn’t be hindered on writing my blog post or future exams. As I wanted to get my blog posts written on time and not fall behind, I feel as though I didn’t really put as much of “me” into my posts as I could have for example I would’ve talked more about fashion and popular culture rather than just finding the first few news story i searched for. In saying that I was interested in every story I wrote about otherwise I wouldn’t have picked it. All in all I enjoyed writing my blog posts and have opened my mind to the different tricks of the media.


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8 thoughts on “Lets Rewind

  1. You made excellent points in this post. Mainstream news these days has the middle class majority by the throats and they hang on every word that is said. I agree especially about the television making kids fat part. Shows can also teach them the right things, and the rest should be up to the parents. The media likes to think that they are the parents in this world. Great work!

  2. The evidence and concepts within your piece are fantastic, but the the amount of words exceeds the limit. Maybe try an edit it to still capture your thoughts and ideas but in more concise paragraphs. Other than that It was well written and captured your overall evaluation of BCM110.

    1. Hey it was just a bit longer this time because our tutor said it could be because we had to talk about children in the media and our reflection. Thanks for the heads up though

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! It was really informative and offered interesting views on subjects that we learned. I really liked the video you used to illustrate how parents are influencing children. It was very funny! I can relate to the part where you talked about Thylane Blondeau because I wrote about her for the mediated public sphere, although, our views clash lol but that’s fine. Each to their own!

  4. This is a great post, and you tied it in with the reflection very well. I definitely know what you mean with not putting enough of yourself in the post, I felt like that with mine too.

  5. This is a great post. It is well executed and you come to some interesting conclusions. I agree that the news does have the ability to dramatise certain things. Also, I have been aware of Thylane Blondeau for quite some time now, and in her short years she has definitely become a issue of debate but as a result she has also made a name for herself in the industry.

  6. Great reflection. I like your view on the Vogue issue which featured that young girl and how yourself, being interested in fashion saw it as nothing more than as a normal spread in the magazine. Oh my god, and that video of the mum replaying her youth, love it every time 🙂

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